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Summer holiday plans

So I work in a school and so I have the luxury of six weeks off with C in the summer. Two of those weeks will be taken up with holidays so that leaves four weeks of just me and her at home to fill our days. C will be three in October and is at that lovely age where she is interested in everything and so eager to learn. I’ve got some ideas for local day trips, but I need to think of some more things to do at home which are lower cost and yet still keep C and I occupied. 

So far on my list I have the following:

  • Make a bird feeder (the birds have been a bit neglected since things have ramped up with the outside works)
  • Make Christmas and Birthday cards for friends and family (we have a good number of birthdays late in the year)
  • Baking: bread rolls, pizza, cakes, biscuits etc. We have the bread maker which will be help with this and C really loves creating in the kitchen. I struggle to think of inspiring savoury/healthy things to make though.

Then there’s just playing with the toys we have and playing on the climbing frame and in the paddling pool. I feel I’m massively underprepared craft-wise though and worry she (and I) will get bored after a couple of days at home. I know we’ll spend some time catching up with friends and family but need some more inspiration…suggestions anyone?

12 thoughts on “Summer holiday plans

  1. How about letting her suggest things to you? Maybe set up an invitation to play with paper and crayons, junk model with the recycling bin, or make a mud kitchen in the garden with the washing up bowl?


  2. I recommend a trip to the library, there is a summer reading game in UK libraries to encourage children to read 6 boos over the holiday period.


  3. Oh, I love that idea of making cards in advance – we always like to make handmade cards for friends and family, but make them as and when they’re needed. You’ve given me a great idea to press some flowers and make a batch. My girls would have so much fun doing that! x


  4. Maybe a treasure hunt or something – I love doing that – making my own treasure clues and doing it in the house or going further afield! x


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