A blue egg!!!!!!!!!!

We finally have our first blue egg! We’d been out as a family today and were fairly late in checking on the eggs (about five o’clock) and what an amazing surprise greeted us. 

We finally have five of the girls laying and look at what an eclectic mix of eggs they offer us on a daily basis. I even said to J that I couldn’t imagine ever going back to shop bought eggs again. As the girls get longer into their laying cycle their egg yolks have become increasingly orange and more flavoursome. You certainly don’t get the same standard from the supermarket. So the blue egg is from Anna and we are just waiting for Elsa to start laying which will no doubt be sometime soon. 


3 thoughts on “A blue egg!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I loved getting our first blue egg! One of my favorite pictures is my hand with a white, brown, and blue egg sitting in it. I was like a little kid that day I was so excited!


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