The egg mystery…

So this week we haven’t had as many eggs as usual. The girls haven’t been themselves really, J had to chase two of them into bed the other night as they had climbed on top of the hen house and were refusing to get down and go to bed, even though it was gone 11pm and very dark. And we’ve had workmen around a lot with getting my cabin built and the final few bits of outside work sorting the patios etc which can be quite noisy and unsettling for them. And it’s been really hot this week which can tend to make chickens lay less. So although I was a bit perturbed by the decreased eggs I figured it was just one of those things. 

Anyway yesterday I let the girls out in the morning as usual before heading back in to make the morning coffees, and then at about 9:30 we went out to check and see if there were any eggs. However, we could only count five chickens, Dorothy was missing. The fence had been on the whole time and I was sure that I’d counted six chickens tumble out of their house that morning. We looked around the hen area but no sign of her or any evidence of any predator attack. It looked like somehow she had flown over the fence and escaped. After a good search, including a root around the pampas grass, we headed back inside but J and I kept popping out alternately to check and see if she had returned. And lo and behold she had reappeared about an hour after we were first looking for her. Now that really bugged me but we suspected that she had been hiding in the pampas grass and we had just missed her. We had things to do for the rest of the day so didn’t give it much more thought. However, today we were having a Father’s Day barbecue and I just went out to check the girls didn’t need anymore water before we started cooking as it was a scorcher today and Dorothy was missing again. 

I was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of the missing chickens and eggs and so called J to come out and bring an old walking stick with him and we began hacking at the pampas grass. We found what looked like an entrance point to the centre of it where through their scratching about they had managed to create an archway into the centre (see below).

So we tried to clear some of the vegetation so we could get a better look inside. Not exactly easy as the leaves are actually quite sharp and so J got his hedge trimmers out to tackle it. Finally I managed to spy some eyes peeping out at me from across the other side of the pampas grass, Dorothy appeared to be laying an egg (see below you can just about make out her eyes and beak).  

Now I am not happy with the idea of my chickens laying eggs randomly somewhere else, they could easily encourage rats or other pests. We started giving it a good trim right above where she had been sitting desperately trying to make our way into where she was. Thankfully she rose and scuttled out and we could then clearly see eggs. Now that is eggs plural (see below) so it wasn’t just a one off occasion. She had been using her newly established nest for a while. 

As a reminder Dorothy lays our white eggs, but our discovered horde also had some normal looking ones so she has clearly had some friends also sharing her private nest. We managed to get the pampas grass cut back enough to get into them and in total from there we collected a dozen eggs. Seven white and five normal coloured. It certainly made it our biggest daily haul to date. Now we just need to find out a way to make sure they go back to using their actual nesting area!


12 thoughts on “The egg mystery…

  1. Aw this story made me smile! My Uncle used to keep chickens and they laid the best eggs.
    Hope your chickens go back to using their regular nesting area soon!


  2. Aw she’s got another nest to lay her eggs lol. Now I would be worried if I couldn’t find any of my livestock so I could imagine the panic within you both x


    1. Yeah the panic of not knowing where she had gone was terrible, I have expected to lose one or two to foxes so wasn’t surprised just couldn’t understand the lack of evidence of where she’d gone!


  3. A friend told me, (who doesn’t always tell the truth) That a chicken will only lay multiple eggs if you have taken away the last one. She said it in reply to someone was saying it was cruel to take the eggs. Is this true??? I Love chickens. Don’t think they would be too happy in my back yard though haha.


    1. No chickens will lay multiple eggs even if the others aren’t taken, in fact our girls like to lay eggs all in one pile instead of separately. Apparently sometimes hens go broody and choose to sit on a clutch of eggs in the hope of hatching them, which might be why they lay in one pile. However, instinctively most chickens lay an egg and then walk away and aren’t really bothered if it’s there when they come back. The issue with leaving them is they can sometimes decide to turn cannibal and eat them which you don’t want to encourage.
      You’d be surprised by how small a space you can have chickens in!


  4. I’m glad you found her and she was ok! I didn’t know that chickens could lay multiple eggs. I love chickens and wouldn’t mind owning them one day. My friend has some and they are funny little things and so affectionate!


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