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The blueberry

Yes, you are reading that title correctly. We have three blueberry plants which between them have produced the sum total of one blueberry. One solitary blueberry. Not exactly going to make a meal.

I mean granted it was very beautifully formed. I let C pick it (they are her favourite fruit) but even she was disappointed with it’s lack of companions; “I like more blueberries”. Well tough luck for this year I’m afraid. I’m hoping that it is because it’s their first year in proper soil (blueberries need acidic soil) that we have a lack of fruit as the foliage has been really flourishing. We’ve been taking care to water them in rainwater to maintain the PH balance too. I’m not sure what else to do to increase productivity?


14 thoughts on “The blueberry

  1. Still, how awesome to grow a blueberry! Maybe next year will be more fruitful. We used to pick wild blueberries where I grew up in Canada, pints and pints and pints of them. So good!


  2. Oh bless, one little solo blueberry, looks like a tasty little one though 🙂 I remember when I grew my chilli plant, the first summer I only had one chilli, I was so frustrated lol x


  3. Bless your blueberry! My blueberry bushes are left to their own devices and seem to create hundreds of berries. They are in a very sunny spot in multipurpose compost and have been doing fine for years. One thought is that perhaps the birds got to your plant before you did. Blackbirds in particular are cunning at snaffling berries. My Amelanchier seems to distract them from my blueberries luckily! Perhaps net them next year, just in case.


    1. I envy your hundreds! I had netting ready to cover them when they started to appear but as only one did I didn’t bother. Maybe they need more sun. I’ll have to get an Amelanchier to try out too!


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