A trip up North

So as you know last week C and I went to stay in the family caravan in Bamburgh. It is a place that I have fond memories of from my childhood and although the area has gone through a few changes since my youth many of it’s best attractions still remain. We weren’t alone for the whole trip as we had my dad and his wife visiting for the first two nights and then my mum visiting for the next two nights. This trip I was plagued by torrential rain at the start so on our first day we went swimming in the morning at a newly built spa complex in a local village called Lucker. It is part of a bigger building project and there are a number of cottages to rent, a pub/restaurant which we ate at one night and a pizzeria. I can’t remember what the place looked like beforehand, the pub had certainly been there for some while, but the new renovation is exceptional. The pub serves high quality locally sourced food at reasonable prices. The spa complex has been built with ultimate luxury in mind. The pool is heated to a good temperature and there is a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and waterfall showers into the pool. There are also loungers on the side and a gym upstairs (although we didn’t try this out). There is also an extensive range of treatments on offer as well as spa days. I highly recommend anyone staying in the area to check it out for a bit of relaxation and a break from the busyness that can plague seaside resorts during peak season. 

During our trip we also went for fish and chips in Seahouses where C and I shared a portion of the north east’s finest. 

We visited our favourite bookshop in Alnwick, Barter Books and got a good selection of books which will last us a while. We also treated ourselves to lunch at their cafe where they have delicious hot and cold treats and meals with generous portions and reasonable prices. 

It does look like we spent all of our time eating food. But we also did a lot of pottering around encountering a lovely toy shop in Alnwick where I managed to get a couple of games for C for her birthday. If the weather had been nicer we would have probably spent all of our time on the beach but actually it was nice to have an excuse to go shopping and eat cake. The diet starts Monday!

5 thoughts on “A trip up North

  1. It sounds like you had such a lovely time. Ive just today booked a holiday to Alnwick next week and we’re planning on visiting Bamburgh and Seahouses. I’ll definitely look out for the book shop and can’t wait for the fish and chips!


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