The field


I figured you might like an update on what it’s been like having sheep in the field. Well, it has been fine. We’ve had to make sure that the water is topped up which has been a daily thing whilst the weather has been nice but as we would have had to head up to the field to water the potatoes (which show no sign of growth by the way) it isn’t too much of a chore. And as a bonus we get to see how excitable young lambs are. I’ve noticed that there is a little gang of about four or five that hang out together. They tear around the field together and try to explore the fire (which is still going after a week but is well fenced off) and the mound of rubble that we haven’t disposed of yet.


They also keep trying to climb up the tree in the corner of the field and climb over their poor mothers. Occasionally they get a little too eager and a call from a mother soon gets them back in line. Some of the others are still staying closer to their mums and only rarely joining in the others fun.


Now I’ve learnt some very interesting things from the sheep man. Firstly that we can expect their tails to fall off as they have been banded (known as docking). The reason behind this is to keep them a bit cleaner down the bum end and make it easier to detect potential problems. When they arrived a number of the lambs  had obvious bands around their tails, hence the sheep man explained what it was all about. So we have been warned we may see a tail drop off. And we apparently also need to watch for their balls to drop off. Yes that’s right. We need to watch out for stray testicles in the field. Apparently the male lambs have also had their balls banded to castrate them. The reasons behind this are to prevent them getting a bit too randy with their siblings. Hopefully we won’t actually get to see that as I don’t fancy trying to explain that one to C.




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