Life in the Countryside

Waste not want not

So when we’ve been doing some of the works outside at the cottage we’ve ended up with some pallets and some wooden cable reels. Now J wanted to just cut them up for firewood but I’ve got bigger plans. I’m hoping to turn the three cable reels (which are three different sizes) into two different things. Firstly the largest is going to be painted in blackboard paint and become a chalk table for C. Then I have plans to turn the other two into a mushroom table and some stools. I’m hoping to turn the pallets into a play cafe. Given that I have never done any kind of woodwork at all in my life it is quite an ambitious plan but I’m really liking the idea of creating something from waste materials. J thinks I’m mad to attempt it given my lack of skills but fingers crossed it doesn’t look totally rubbish when I’m done. I’m starting with the cable reels as they are less ambitious and only really need a bit of sanding and painting apart from the stools. Keep checking back in for updates!

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