The orchard

Leaf mould

In an issue of my gardening magazine which, along with Pintrest, is where I get much of my inspiration, I saw an article about leaf mould. It was being used in place of fertiliser or compost. Now when it got to Autumn at the cottage all the beautiful green trees which are in abundance here dropped their browned leaves to the ground. Which left us with naked trees and very mushy rotting leaves underfoot. Not exactly the best look. J had purchased a leaf blower so had planned to suck the leaves up and add them to the green waste recycling bin. So when I put forward the idea that he build something to store them in until they rotten down he was less than enthusiastic. However, give him his due he obliged and duly constructed two leaf pens by the compost bins at the back of the orchard. The construction of them was remarkably simple (that may be why he obliged) as they are simply four wooden posts with chicken wire wrapped around them. They don’t need a base and they don’t need a top, they are best left open to the elements as much as possible. It will take about two years for the leaf mound to be ready to use, hence having two pens to fill up in consecutive years. They aren’t what I would call pretty but they serve a purpose and enable us to reuse our garden waste to give nutrients back to the garden. 


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