Chicken on the run

So today C was at her grandfather’s whilst I was at work. I picked her up at about half two and then we went for a swim and a soft play and tea at a local leisure centre. So it was just after 5pm when we arrived home and as usual we got straight out of the car and started to walk down the drive to go and see the chickens. And who should be running to meet us but Boss!

Goodness knows how she had got out but she was very confidently coming to meet us. Cue myself and C trying to coax her back up the drive and towards the chicken pen (where the other five girls were excitedly watching the spectacle of me and a toddler chasing her). 

We managed to coax her towards the pen and finally back into the run, though it was a miracle that the others didn’t escape whilst we did that. Thankfully some meal worms kept all the girls happy. We think that the girls have been climbing up onto the tree stump and flying over the fence. Once we have a gate across the drive onto the road then we’ll probably let the girls free range a bit more when we’re around. But for now it looks that we need to keep a closer eye on them!


Belle escapes

So the other evening I went out to do the usual evening chores whilst J put C to bed. I walked up to the chicken pen and turned off the electric fence before remembering that I’d forgotten to turn on the tap for the hose in the field. I popped back to the cottage to turn it on and by the time I got back I discovered that one of the girls had taken advantage of my absence. Belle had somehow made her way outside of the fence, I presume that she had flown over. Now as J was inside still I had the job of getting our least friendly chicken back into the pen.

I kept lifting up the fencing to try and encourage her to creep under but instead she kept moving further away. Finally, thankfully, she saw sense and rushed past me into her pen. Hopefully she won’t brave trying to escape again!