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The drive

Winter in the cottage was not an easy or pleasant time as I’ve already mentioned before. And one of the main problems was the drive. Because of the rain and the work we had done in the field back in the middle of winter, it basically turned into a massive muddy puddle. Which might be alright for Peppa Pig (can you tell I have a toddler) but is not fun if you want to not have said toddler constantly covered in mud, or if you ever want to wear anything other than wellies. We even had a couple of moments of nearly getting a car stuck on the drive which was less than ideal. The picture below was from when the work was being done and shows just how bad it got.

Not exactly what you expect a drive to look like is it? Certainly a long way from how the drive looked when we first moved in, in the height of summer (picture below). 


So, as part of the outside works currently being carried out we have arranged for a gravel drive to be laid. And yesterday on my way home from work I received the exciting call from J to say that I might have to park on the street as 40 tonnes of gravel had just been delivered to our drive. Now I’m not going to spoil it with pictures of the partially completed drive but here is a teaser of some gravel. Give it a couple of weeks and I should have finished pictures of the drive once its been edged properly. 

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