Puppy to buy list

J and I have approached preparing for our new addition to the family (the puppy) in much the same way as we approached preparing for C. This has meant many evenings researching what we needed to buy, finding good quality but cheap options for certain things and acquiring some second hand bits and some indulgent bits too. I don’t know what other people think but the cost of some baby products is ridiculous for the amount of time they actually use them. It seems as though the same can be said for some puppy products. I guess there are just lots of people out there who have more money than sense. Anyway, I digress.

So we’ve worked out what we think is our new puppy wish list and have managed to source most of it for a fairly reasonable cost. It has been very hard to temper J’s enthusiasm and need to buy everything he sees. So far I have come up with a list of the top ten puppy must buys:

  1. A dog crate. We intend to crate train our puppy as we think having somewhere safe for her is important for her and for us. We’ve gone for an extra large one, which will dwarf her when she’s little but should at least last her as long as we need it for once she’s fully grown. 
  2. A bed. We were advised by our breeder not to buy her a big cushion yet until she’s past the stage of chewing and is fully house trained. So instead we have some vets matting which we have cut in two so there is the option to throw it in the wash as needed and not have to rush to get it dry. 
  3. Dog bowls. We have gone for four. One for food, one for water and two spare for when they are in the dishwasher. We’ve just gone for cheap mental bowls now but may upgrade to fancy ceramic ones for a treat when she’s older.
  4. A collar. Chosen entirely by C who is totally pink obsessed at the moment. We’ll obviously need to get a larger one as she grows so have gone for fairly basic for now. 
  5. A short lead. Just a simple training lead for normal walks. C has gone for a navy/deep purple one (I can’t decide on the colour as it looks different in different lights).
  6. An extendable lead. Although labradors are notorious for being strong enough to break these. We really want one for training her. 
  7. Dog food. We are sticking to the same brand as used by the breeders for the minute and will change if required as she gets older.
  8. Poo bag holder. Not exactly the thing anyone wants to think of but I wanted to have a simple holder with built in hand sanitiser as let’s face it poo is pretty unhygienic. 
  9. Dog toys. It has been an important part of our preparation to keep C as involved as possible so she has chosen a couple of toys for Jessie to have straight away and we’ve also picked up a couple to keep to one side for when she is older.
  10. Treats. We have already booked Jessie into a puppy training class and need to make sure she has rewards for good behaviour. We asked our vet for advice as to which to get. 

So that’s it. We have enough for a good start hopefully and everything is all ready and set up for her arrival. We can’t wait for Saturday.

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10 thoughts on “Puppy to buy list

  1. Can you tell me about the matting you put in your crate? We have a yellow lab puppy… will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. So far we have put a blanket in our crate, but I like your mat. I had gotten a puppy bed to keep outside of the crate… but I can verify… the puppy chewing stage is causing many holes!


    1. The mat is really good as it is has a non-slip bottom but a nice soft fluffy top. It’s cheap so it doesn’t matter too much if it gets chewed. Our breeder recommended it and has been using it since birth with the litter and it hasn’t been chewed. I’ll let you know how successful it is after she arrives!


  2. Really happy to know that you too are experiencing similar happy moments as we had 🙂
    And also i wanted to know if crate would be good for my puppy (she is 10 months old now)?


    1. Our trainer says that crate training is great for puppies and dogs of all ages. It gives them a safe place to leave them when you go out and they get to have a place to escape when they want some quiet time. Where does your puppy currently sleep?


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