Introducing the ladies…

So now our chickens have well and truly settled in I thought it was time to introduce them properly.

My two are Belle, named after the title character in Beauty and the Beast, my favourite Disney film of all time, who is a Blue Bell (see how the name suits her) and Henry. Henry is a Cou Cou Maran. Henry is a rather bizarre choice of name and it most definitely is not short for Henrietta. J and I have chosen to only have one child for various reasons and our boy’s name was going to be William Robert Henry, but I was going to call him Henry. So it kind of fits well that I name a chicken Henry. And it is no coincidence that Henry and Belle are the most aesthetically pleasing of our bunch. Well they do say that children take after their parents…

This is Henry.


And this is Belle.


J struggled with naming his girls. He had originally planned to call them Sage and Onion. But then quite liked the idea of calling them Annie and Clarabel (for those not au fait with children’s characters they are the carriages of Thomas the Tank engine). Then we had the whole Clarabel sounds too like Belle so he moved into calling them after grandparents which is aparently a common thing to do. So was born Dorothy after his mum’s mum. Dorothy is a tri-coloured leghorn, she was the last of her type left at the poultry seller and should lay cream coloured eggs. The Boss gained her name after  her arrival at the cottage garden. She started trying to assert herself as top of the pecking order right from day one and there could only be one name for her then. The Boss is a Rhode Rock and in the right light her feather take on a green tinge.

This is Dorothy.


and this is the Boss.


It was a right struggle to get C to name her girls. I think she didn’t quite get the idea of giving things names. Whenever I asked her what we should call the chickens she just kept saying “chickens have eggs in the house”. Even when we got to the poultry seller and were picking the chickens and giving them their names she still didn’t quite get it. We named her first one Elsa (from Frozen for those who have the good fortune not to have obsessed toddlers). Then when we got out her second one and asked her what it was called she said ‘C’. So hooray we finally had her name something. She did then have a total meltdown that we couldn’t choose anymore chickens, six chickens for a family of three aren’t enough apparently.  On the drive home (very short thankfully as we had a car loaded with chickens and accessories) we did discuss that naming a chicken after herself could prove a total disaster if (or more rather when) they had to visit the Kingdom For Chickens in the sky, or KFC for short. So we swiftly renamed her Anna (Elsa’s sister from Frozen). Elsa is a Whapley brown (named for the area where she was bred) and she should lay dark brown eggs. Anna is a sister of sorts as she is a Whapley Blue who should lay light blue eggs.

This is Anna (with Elsa trying to sneak into her picture).


And this is Elsa.

Still no eggs yet at five days in, but it would be early for them to have eggs yet anyway (especially Henry who is a few weeks younger than the rest) and it tends to take a week or so for them to settle in.


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