Who’s egg is this?

So we are now getting a steady flow of one egg a day. We know that the eggs we’ve had don’t come from Anna, Elsa or Dorothy as they produce different coloured eggs. And we also know that Henry is a few weeks younger than the rest so is highly unlikely to be laying yet. Chickens tend to start laying from about 22 weeks and apparently there are some signs that a chicken is nearing point of lay. You can try feeling the width between their hip bones as it will widen when she is brewing an egg. That’s all well and good but it requires catching a chicken and having her not struggle whilst you feel her bum. Not happening! Also when her plumage (the red bit on her head) becomes more prominent and colours from pink to red.

So that leaves Belle and Boss. We know our first two eggs came from Boss as she was sitting in the nesting area not long before we found them.  But then we’ve had an egg everyday for the past four days. Now they could both be from Boss, or Belle could have started laying and one or both could be from her. The big question is how can we tell? The first egg we had was smaller which fits with what we’ve been told that first eggs tend to be small. But there seemed to be a difference in how the latest eggs look compared to the first two, they seemed less speckled. So does that mean that this is just Boss’s eggs developing as she settles into laying? Or does it mean that these latest ones are from Belle instead? And if so that means Boss hasn’t laid since Saturday. I’m not sure that it really matters but it would be nice to know if we have two girls laying or one, mainly as I stopped buying eggs when we bought the girls (we used to go through at least a dozen a week) and our girls still haven’t got up to that combined level yet. I would put up a picture of the eggs for comparison but we’ve eaten them already (they were delicious and tasted unbelievably fresh). A friend of mine said that her neighbour used to give her eggs labelled with which chicken had laid it, I mean how on earth do you know that? Especially if your chickens all tend to lay quite similar looking eggs.

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