Recreation area

Recreation area


This is the area before we started.


So today we started work on the recreational area. Basically we have bought C the mother of all climbing frames and are going to build that next to the raise beds. Then we are planning to put down bark surrounding the climbing frame and raised beds. Why can’t we just keep the grass? Well grass requires mowing. Weekly. And strimming around the edges. And is really awkward to do around a climbing frame. And basically we really want it to look nice and didn’t think we had enough going on already. So we are creating a big rectangle around the raised beds and the climbing frame, using a turf stripper to remove the turf around the edges and placing down a membrane (which needs like a million pegs holding it down). Bark goes on the membrane and then the area is bordered by some half round wooden beams ( which should keep the bark in the right area and also should be easy enough to roll a wheelbarrow over. Sounds fairly simple right? Wrong. So day one most of the day was spent on stripping the turf and moving it to the skip. Then mowing the rest of the grass as short as possible before laying out the membrane. Of course that wouldn’t be too bad if the wind hadn’t picked up and kept blowing the membrane away as we tried to secure it. Added to that it was Easter Sunday so I had to coordinate a roast lamb dinner and apple crumble with a toddler who basically wanted to do the exact opposite of everything I wanted her to do.

Tomorrow J’s going to start building the climbing frame on top of the membrane whilst I attempt to finish off the membrane and continue to move bags of bark. We’re not going to open the bags yet until the border is completed but given that we have 112 ninety litres bags of bark to move, the more we can get in place the better. C spent a good part of today digging up wormy wormys and taking them over to the chickens who are still in their run and finding their feet. The Boss is still taking over somewhat but they don’t seem unhappy….still no eggs yet though but suspect I’m being ambitious hoping for one already.


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