The field

Feeding the sheep

So, apart from the sheep escaping escapades of the past week, the sheep have been fairly low maintenance. They also haven’t really interacted with us at all. C has been really keen to try and play with them but they have tended to bolt whenever we come near them. However, we now have at least one on our side. I have nicknamed her ‘Bluey’ as she is the only sheep with a blue marking. The farmer has given all the sheep numbers to help match up mums and babies. Those who were twins were marked in red, and those for whom it was a single birth, in blue. We only have one single birth and hence ‘Bluey’ is quite easy to distinguish. The feeding started by C insisting we take weeds/hedge trimmings to the field with us on our jaunts as special treats for the sheep. The other day we finally managed to coax Bluey to try some and now that is it. Every time we go into the field she comes up to us desperate for treats. 


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