Recreation area

Climbing frame day two

What a day. We did set our alarm for six am and did actually get up, though it was cold and we were miserable. We did manage to make real progress though and the main body of the climbing frame is now built and the monkey bars are attached. J has started to put the boundary around the recreation area, one side out of the three we are doing now is done. I’ve moved another 30 bags of bark and we’ve started to open up and empty some of the bags of bark. It is really starting to take shape. The one unfortunate downside is that J managed to snap one of the screws in one of the bits of the slide so we’ve had to order a new bit. That means until the new part arrives we can’t add the slide on.

C was so excited when she saw it, yesterday she had seen the picture in the instruction booklet and thought it was a house for the chickens. Today when she saw it all constructed she realised it was for her. She’s mastered the stairs already although at present without the slide there is no way for her to get down. She has been using the slide extender as a slide and loves it. I also managed to paint the bottom of the climbing frame, where the bark will touch to keep it nice and well preserved. Painting the rest will have to be done in stages I feel.

There is still no sign of any eggs from the chickens, although I did find a nest in the pampas grass with two blue eggs in, we think they might be a blackbirds but aren’t sure. The Boss escaped again today, not sure how exactly, but she wandered through to where we were working so J and I had to usher her back in. No idea how she managed to get out, but hopefully once the fencing is electrified that will stop her attempts.

This is where we are at by close of play today.


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