So I was wrong…

I guess there has to be a first time right? So last week I reported that we’d had our first egg from Dorothy, our tri-coloured leghorn who is supposed to produce cream coloured eggs. We have routinely had three eggs a day since then, with one being paler than the other two, so we figured we now had Boss, Belle and Dorothy laying. Well low and behold I was totally wrong. For today C and I went to the hen house on our usual coming home from work routine and what should we discover but four eggs. Not only that but the fourth egg was most definitely the cream one from Dorothy. Which means that the baby of the group, Henry, has been our sneaky third layer. Still holding out for our blue and brown eggs from Elsa and Anna but fingers crossed we’ll have them soon. The eggs are building up fast so I think I’ll need to find some amazing egg recipes to start using them up!


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