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So let’s get a puppy….

As if we haven’t got enough on our plate at the minute we’re getting a puppy. Yes that’s right a puppy. Because a husband, a two and a half year old, 6 chickens and some sheep aren’t enough for one mum to look after! So where on earth has this idea come from….well obviously from J as I’m not really an animal person. When I was born my family had a dog (Ben, Golden Retriever) then we had a bit of a gap after he passed away before getting Max (can’t remember his breed but he had to be put down before he was two as he attacked my mum) and then after him there was Meg (a Wheaten Terrier who my mum still has now). However, I would never describe myself as a dog person, I think our bad experience with Max made me nervous. That said J and I had talked off and on for a while about getting a dog or a cat (basically a normal household pet) for C when she was a bit older but I had been adamant that I wanted to wait until we had the work done to the cottage. I was also adamant that we weren’t getting chickens until C was three and we all know how that one turned out. Guess I’m just a soft touch, but really who could resist this…

I’m also a great believer that sometimes something is just meant to be. A work colleague of J’s breeds dogs as a side-line and had plans to foster two from his litter of seven and sell the rest but had someone pull out of fostering due to personal reasons. Fostering basically means she is ours but she will be used once/twice to breed between the ages of two and six where she will go back to stay with the breeder. At first when J called me up and begged I was very reluctant; we already had so much on, and she couldn’t be left when I was at work, and she would cost too much, and she was too much of a tie, and I didn’t want to go through toilet training again…. But do you know what? I actually think she will fit into our lives perfectly. We are very much home-bodies and are increasingly enjoying the outdoor life. We have a good amount of land for her to roam on and working in a school the actual hours I’m out of the house are minimal. J’s dad has agreed to come over and puppysit in September and October and by then we’ll have hopefully built her a kennel and run outside or we will sort someone for comfort breaks. In truth the big selling point for me is that C adores animals (I remember her as a one year old insisting on petting a German shepherd puppy and my being petrified she would be bitten) and I know that she will love having a dog. And as any mum knows, anything that enriches your child’s life will only enrich yours further too. So we’re going to go meet her on Saturday and, if I’m honest, I can’t wait!

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