The cottage garden trio consists of myself, Laura, my husband, J, and our nearly three year old daughter, C. We’ve been living in the cottage since August 2016 and are slowly working our way through transforming it and it’s garden into a space that works for us. We have our ups and downs and living in the cottage is definitely a labour of love but we are slowly making it more of a home (well outside it is, inside is still very much a work in progress). We now also share our home (garden) with 6 chickens, occasionally a couple of dozen sheep and a very lively but loveable Labrador puppy. We are aiming to get back to the good life a bit more by focusing more on growing our own produce (with varying success). 

Here at the cottage garden trio we don’t focus on just one topic and write about a vast range of topics from gardening to renovation. From life in the countryside to crafting. From chickens to preserving. I write about what I love and what interests me. For me, writing this blog has provided somewhere to not only keep track of what we’ve done but also to share our journey with family and friends. I also found that when it came to starting some of our projects, I really struggled to find out some of the information I needed so I hope that my sharing our highs and lows that it helps someone else.