Egg update

So today we have finally confirmed a second active layer. We had a fairly early morning egg from Boss, who had been very ready to lay yesterday but obviously decided to hold on until the morning. That meant we were able to have poached eggs for breakfast and C had her first experience of a runny egg. Now recent advice seems to be to only give runny eggs once they turn about four or five I think to reduce the risk of salmonella. However, given that C has regularly helped herself to raw cake batter from the spoon I figure having the odd runny yolk can’t be too bad for her. And it’s not like I don’t know where it’s come from. J doesn’t think he can tell the difference so far between our eggs and the eggs we used to get from the supermarket. But I think they just taste fresher.

This afternoon we had what was obviously  a first egg, noticeably small. We think that this second egg has come from Belle. If she’s anything like Boss she’ll have a week or so of laying every other day before she gets properly into the swing of things and lays six days a week. We’re still waiting for our first coloured egg, which I know at least one family member is waiting for as proof that chickens can actually lay coloured eggs as they’ve been half convinced after speaking to a few people that it’s all a wind up and they don’t exist. Both Anna and Dorothy look like they’re getting close to the point of lay so it will be a race to see if we get cream or blue eggs next!


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