The cottage

Bathroom stand

So when we were first preparing to move into the cottage last summer we found an old washstand in what is now our bedroom. The stand itself seems to be in adequate condition and with a bit of a polish up it could look like a really nice feature piece in our bathroom. 

We’ve also found and kept the jug and bowl which currently sits on top of it. The bowl has been repaired where it has a massive crack down it although the repair seems kind of poor quality and basically looks like it has sone giant staples holding it together. I’m hoping that a better quality repair would look more discrete. There is also a matching chamber pot which is currently storing bits and bobs in our bedroom. 

So my plan is that once we’ve done the work on the house we give the stand a bit of a spruce up, repair the bowl properly and turn it 90 degrees onto the other wall (the radiator will have been removed by then). Then it can be used as our bathroom storage. I think I’m going to have to get some plastic storage boxes to keep things inside as its not the most conventinal storage space and will be hard to keep ordered and organised. 

Just another little project to add to our vast list at the moment but I feel that the bathroom will have a bit of a Victorian feel to it when we’ve finished renovating so it will be nice feature hopefully. 


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