Life in the Countryside

Back to work

So last week J and I were off work and managed to achieve loads. This week being back at work has vastly limited any progress. We still have a number of daily jobs to do which have to take priority: top up the water and food for the chickens and sheep, remove any eggs, water the raised beds, lazy beds and pots. Then there’s the things which need doing every couple of days such as emptying the tray under the bars in the Eglu. Once you start adding in the general chores such as cooking dinner, prepping the lunches, washing, dishwasher etc then your time to work on extra bits and pieces is small to none existent. One thing I’ve noticed now with being back at work is how much I am missing just being in the garden and getting stuff done. We still have a few small things to try and do in evenings but I find myself stuck in a rut of feeling like I don’t have enough time for everything and feeling tired and just wanting to chill in front of the TV instead. Hopefully once I get back into the swing of things again and start being a bit more  organised then I can start achieving more. We still have lots of painting outside to do, two more beds to line and then fill as well as the rockery to keep plugging away at.


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