The field


So today the sheep have arrived. We have spent the past couple of days ensuring that the field is ready for them, clear of as much debris as possible and with a hose up there ready to supply water. We’ve also fenced off where the latest fire was as it is still slowly burning and we don’t want them to have a mishap. These are not our sheep, which works well for us as it means that we don’t have total responsibility for them. Rather they belong to a local farmer who breeds them for slaughter and puts them on local land for a period of time to graze. This is a win win situation really for us. We get our grass kept trimmed, we still have full access to our field and can have the sheep removed If required. And as a bonus we get to have some of the products of our mowers when the time comes (we get some free lamb). So this morning we had 9 sheep and their 16 lambs arrive.


We had been explaining to C for a couple of days that we were going to be getting sheep but this morning, when we’d had the heads up that they were on route, and asked her if we should get some sheep and her response was “No, I don’t like it”. This was not going as planned. It was a proper battle to persuade her to come outside with us. However, this all changed when we heard the sheep trailer arrive and she started asking what that was when she heard the sheep bleating. The look on her face when they all tumbled out into the field was priceless. She was so excited. She kept trying to follow them around and feed them grass. It did end up leading to a few life lessons though, she was fascinated by the lambs feeding from their mothers. I tried to explain that the sheep ate the grass and then it went into their tummy and made milk for the baby sheep. Not sure she quite got it but she adores them nonetheless. We’ll have to keep an eye on her with them for the next few days until they’re properly settled in, especially as the mothers can be quite territorial and protective until they realise you’re not a threat. So for now we’ll have to watch from a distance and save our cuddles for later.



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