Life in the Countryside


So it’s now been nearly a month that we’ve had the chickens and we only seem to have two out of the six girls producing eggs. They both reliably produce an egg every day (well six days out of seven at least) but we’re still waiting for that magic first coloured egg. We knew that Henry was younger and so would probably be six weeks behind the others in terms of starting to lay, but I would have thought that some of the others should have started by now. I don’t know if there’s something we’re doing wrong or something they don’t like or just that they are still a bit young but it’s really starting to bug me. Collecting the eggs is one of C and my favourite daily chores and I have to say that everyday I hold my breath in anticipation of a coloured egg. They all now seems fairly similar in terms of their size and plumage so what else could it be?


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