Double yolkers 

So this morning J, C and I went to check on the egg situation to find that we had three eggs. Not only that but two of the three look to be double yolkers! We’d already had one double yolker during the week which I’d been kind and saved for J to have poached for breakfast on Saturday so to find two laid for us this morning was a right treat. When we went down to the pen Boss was in the nesting area so we hung around the pampas grass and tried to coax the rest of the girls to eat ‘special treats’ (aka any general garden waste that C gets to feed them). Boss was sure making some noise in the hutch which we took to mean she was telling us she was laying, but when we saw the size of the egg it was no wonder she was yelling about it! The picture below shows one egg which the supermarkets would class as medium, one which they would class as large and the double yolker. Hopefully you can tell which is which!

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