Lazy beds


So today we had the task of earthing up the potatoes. This basically means piling soil on top of the potato foliage and it serves two purposes. Firstly it ensures that there is no risk of potatoes being exposed to sunlight and hence going green if they are growing close to the surface. Secondly, it is supposed to encourage better yields. We have our lazy beds in the fields for our potatoes and the idea behind these is that you can dig up the soil between the rows to earth them up. Now J loves an excuse to buy a new boys toy and so he purchased a rotavator. We also will probably expand the area in the field which is dedicated to crops and so the rotavator will continue to be useful for this. Apparently. 

The potatoes should have probably been earthed up before now but we’ve just had so much on that we haven’t got round to it. You’ll notice that I’m using the phrase “we” here a lot when in actual fact earthing up the potatoes is very much a J chore. Or rather should I say I want it doing but I want J to do it. So this is how we’re spending our evening, I am sitting and blogging on my iPad and J is working his backside off rotavating the potatoes. Bliss. 


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