Meeting the puppy

So today we went to meet our new puppy for the first time. We’ve been preparing C for the idea of having a dog and she has been ridiculously excited. We did have a bit of a panic that we would arrive there and C would not like the puppy and not want her. Yesterday we went to the pet shop and let C select some puppy toys for her. When we arrived today the puppies were asleep (like babies they sleep for an extraordinary amount of time) but the breeder woke up our girl (who C has now definitively named Jessie) so we could have cuddles and a play. Now the puppies were very much at the mouthing everything stage and C was very convinced that they were trying to eat her (which to be fair they kind of were but shush let’s not tell her that) so she was naturally cautious. Despite not really being a dog person I totally embraced them – so cute to have seven puppies climbing all over you! 

It took a while to get C to stroke one due to their excitement in trying to climb all over her but she still was really excited by them, even if she didn’t want them to lick her. We had all our questions answered by the breeder and were reassured that our set up was ideal for Jessie. Jessie is a working dog rather than a show dog and J was very excited by the idea of trying to train her as a gun dog, thankfully I have managed to temper his enthusiasm as we need to take one step at a time. 

Jessie is the puppy with the turquoise collar who having finished her food tried to demolish everyone else’s! I’ve nothing more exciting to say except to throw in a few more puppy photos. 

5 thoughts on “Meeting the puppy

  1. Looks like a lab. They are amazing dogs! I lost my 14 year old lab in May. Best first dog I could ever ask for – so loving, crazy, and loyal. You’ll love having one!


      1. Simply make sure to have plenty of things they can chew on otherwise they’ll go for your shoes – as with all puppies! And a tired dog is a good dog!! 🙂


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