There’s a robin in the house

So when we’re working outside in the garden we quite frequently leave the door open. Partly as I’ve locked myself out once thinking there was a spare key in the key box, and partly as it just seems to help the flow between the inside and outside. And that has lead to a robin joining us inside the cottage! She was very startled to find she couldn’t get herself out the window but did eventually get out once the window was open. I guess it reminds me that sometimes there is a reason to keep doors shut.


Birds · chickens


So we’ve found a nest in the pampas grass in the area of the garden now given over to the chickens. We’ve had a proper debate about whether to get rid of the pampas grass for some time. It takes up a lot of space. It has been neglected a bit, as has most of the garden area, and looks a bit unsightly. And as we were told by a friend at a barbecue last summer it has very sharp leaves which doesn’t seem ideal for a manic toddler. It also has the start of various trees growing out of the middle of it and we suspect it is sapping the goodness in the soil away from the pear tree. However, two things made us think about keeping it. Firstly it has been admired by quite a few people who think it makes a rather picturesque feature. And secondly we were advised it would be an absolute beast to try to remove as we would have to dig down to a substantial depth in order to remove the roots. That would mean either lots of hard work or calling in the services of a man with a digger.

Anyway, I have disgressed somewhat. The point is that we have found a birds nest in the pampas grass this week. Not sure how long it’s been there but we wouldn’t have found it had we not been looking around there once the chickens were home. Thankfully it is too high for the chickens to get access to. The nest has four blue eggs in (see below) and from a quick Google search we thought it might belong to a song thrush. However, we have been reliably informed that it is a blackbirds nest. Unfortunately if we ever manage to get close enough when she’s nesting she quickly departs, so our glances of her have been fleeting at best. We’ll need to keep an eye out for signs of them hatching as the sight of baby blackbirds will be too cute to miss.