Deep cleaning the chicken coop

Deep cleaning the chicken coop should be done every week or two. Deep cleaning is more than just emptying the tray underneath, it should involve totally cleaning the inside and the outside as required. Now one of the reasons we had chosen the Eglu coop was because it was supposed to be very easy to clean. Well we’ve put it to the test and I can say I totally agree. The first thing you need to do is to remove the tray under the bars and empty it into the compost. This is normally done every few days.


Then this needs to be jet washed down and left to dry before replacing it. The nesting bars can also be removed and sprayed down and dried too. A quick wipe of the inside and outside and you’re done. The laying box tends to get wiped down and straw replaced when we collect eggs. All in all it took less than 10 minutes excludimg drying time. Not that hard at all really. Just make sure that you close the door when the nestings bars aren’t there so you don’t have any falling chickens.

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