Diggers and professionals

Sometimes you just have to let the professionals step in. The overgrown garden area down the side of the house needs removing and levelling so that a trench can be laid to carry electrics and water to other parts of the garden. So, today we have called in an old school friend of J’s to do that for us. He has previously done some work for us in the field (more on that another time) and we were very happy with the work so he was an obvious choice this time. We had already got a skip sorted for the soil to go in and anything burnable is going on a fire in the field. Whilst J and I could have had a go at doing this work ourselves, it would take us several weeks to do by hand and that just isn’t time that we have. Besides getting the professionals in guarantees a good job, and means we get to see a digger and dumper truck type thing by our front door which is kind of cool. They’ve also removed a hazlewood tree for us behind the raised bed area so we just have an apple tree down that end.

J has continued to be plagued by man flu today and so his progress has been a bit slow but we now have the recreation area completely edged, most of the bark bags emptied and distributed and the swing is in the process of being completed. We have also adjusted the sand pit area slightly below the climbing frame to make it larger and it is now filled and lined. C adores it and has spent a large part of the day happily playing there. No eggs yet from the girls and Henry has been limping a bit, consultation with the poultry seller suggests it could be simply a scratch or a sprain so just to monitor her. Hard to know how to help her in this situation, just make sure she is able to get access to food and water and gets to rest it I suspect. The battery arrived today so the fence around the chicken pen is now electrified which should be an extra preventative measure to keep foxes out hopefully. Henry managed to put herself to bed so hopefully she’ll be looking better in the morning.

J’s dad came over late this afternoon and helped him make and fit the swing arm so all that’s left to do on the climbing frame is the roof (which will require the use of two step ladders to fit) and the slide once the spare part arrives. No pictures yet today but I’ll put some up first thing tomorrow when the light is better. Tomorrow we are aiming to do the lazy beds for our potatoes, finish the bark in the recreation area and start painting the log store.

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