Raised beds

Cauliflower head

So we finally have a sign that our cauliflowers are more than just leaves! Whilst they have healthy green leaves they are lacking that all important head. I was perfectly fine with waiting until I saw someone else’s picture of harvesting their first cauliflowers on Facebook and since then I’ve been obsessively checking them. Finally today I spotted the first sign of one. 

Small but it’s a start. I need to give them some feed to ensure they keep growing well as hopefully they will give us a really good supply of cauliflower cheese through the winter. The head is on one of the cauliflowers that I transferred to bed 2 where we had pulled up the turnips from which is positive that they have done well as they initially looked very weak. However, I’m concerned that the cauli’s in the other bed are being overpowered by the pumpkin. I think a job for the weekend is to cut it back a bit and give it a really good feed and hope that they can both manage to grow together in harmony (I had naively thought that the cauli’s would be out before the pumpkin got large – how wrong I was!)