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Our new living room cabin

So we are now completely moved out of the house and are living between the caravan, my craft cabin and our new living room cabin. This will eventually become J’s home office once the work on the house is complete but for now we are using it as a kitchen/living room/dressing room/playroom. For now we refer to it as our living room. It’s a 10 by 12 foot simple wooden cabin with double doors and a pent roof. J will paint it and we will put down a floor similar to that in our cabin when we’ve moved out but for now it is bare wood and chipboard floor (though we do have a random square of cast off carpet from my father in law in the middle to help keep our toes warm).

On the bank holiday weekend we spent time moving some furniture into it. In it we currently have:

  • C’s chest of drawers which is filled with mainly J and my clothes as C’s clothes are mainly in the caravan.
  • Our television and DVD player on top of this.
  • A small white table from our kitchen which has our coffee machine and table top cooker on it.
  • Our fridge
  • C’s princess castle and dolls
  • C’s plastic table and chair set
  • Our pop-up wardrobe
  • Two armchairs
  • There’s also an electric radiator and some lamps, as the cabin does not have it’s own power supply and relies upon extension leads from the garage and sheds.
  • Now I’ve taken some photos of it but please don’t judge us by the mess as we’re still trying to find a home for everything. It’s quite cosy and provides us with a nice bit of extra space.
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