Life in the Countryside

So I’ve been a bit busy…..

Now I know it’s been a while, a long old while, but I have just been busy. Really busy. A lot has changed in the past six months or so and I’m afraid the blog has been rather neglected. So what’s been happening? Well, in no particular order….

  • My father-in-law has bought the cottage next door. As some of you know our cottage is semi-detached on a small plot of land with one other cottage. The other cottage became available and J’s dad took the very brave step of moving from his home of 40 plus years to a dilapidated cottage next to his son and family. He’s currently living in his touring caravan until his cottage is renovated.
  • As a result of this purchase and a number of other factors our big works on the cottage (now two cottages) has yet to begin but is due to start on September 1st.
  • I’ve been on a new diet and fitness regime which has been rather time consuming but has had great results. It was a 90 day programme that I finished at the start of August and it really pushed me to my limits. I’ll do a bit of a post about it all if I get the chance.
  • The garden has really come on and in particular the greenhouse has give us some really nice produce this year. Again, I’ll aim to do a post about what’s worked well and what hasn’t worked well.
  • We’ve had the driveway done. Well the base coat of tarmac and the edging stones. The final coat of tarmac will go on when we’ve finished all of the works.
  • I’ve been doing some sewing. Actually truth be told I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, particularly making clothes for myself when I was dieting as it was a good motivation to keep going. And a good distraction from eating.
  • We’ve been emptying the house and are pretty much moved into the caravan. This has been quite an arduous task with trying to work out what we can be packed away and not looked at for a year. The plus side of this has been that it has made me quite ruthless in getting rid of things so a fair bit of decluttering has been done.
  • We’ve slightly adjusted our plans for the works (currently going through planning) to give us a bit more room upstairs.
  • I think that’s about it, although no doubt I’ll have forgotten something. I will try and start writing again more frequently especially as the works start progressing but for now here are some of my favourite photos from recently.
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