Raised beds

Taming the pumpkin

So as I’ve said recently our one pumpkin has started to reach out from the raised bed that it’s in and try and take over the whole garden! Somewhat ironic that is seems to be the most prosperous of our produce given that we were only really trying to grow one pumpkin for fun!

Anyway it needed restricting so today I cut back some of it’s ‘arms’. Pumpkin plants tend to carry water through their arms so when you cut one off then you need to bury the cut stem into the soil to allow it a chance to seal over and prevent too much water and nutrient loss. So the below pictures show how it was before trimming. 

I had expected the thick stems to be quite difficult to cut through but actually my secateurs cut through it remarkably easily and the stem surprised me by being hollow. So far I have cut back a couple of the stems and will probably cut some more once I’ve seen how the flowers (and hence pumpkins) grow. I guess only time will tell if I’ve done any harm by my trimming!

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