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Chalk table how to guide

So as I mentioned the other week I’m trying to reuse some of the ‘waste’ materials we have at the cottage as a result of the outside works we’ve been having done. The first project is complete and so here is a guide to recreate it.

Chalkboard how to guide:


  • Old cable reel
  • Sandpaper
  • Chalkboard paint – I used this one
  • Paint for base – I used the same stuff we used for painting the cabin but any outside paint will do. 


  1. Sand down your cable reel. You want to smooth any rough edges and any splintered wood and give yourself a nice clean surface to work on. I also found it useful to have the reel I was working on raised above ground level as it meant less bending down.

2. With the end you want as the base facing up then paint the base and the core and what will be the underside of the top.           Make sure you stir the paint well before use to avoid any differences in consistency. 

3. Leave for a couple of hours (or preferably overnight) and repeat. You are aiming to make sure any markings from the wood are covered as best as possible.

4. Turn it over and ensure the top is also sanded to be as smooth as possible.

5. Paint the top with the blackboard paint. Try to avoid any drips onto your nice clean base! I also did two coats on here with a few hours gap to dry in between. 

6. And you’re done. I just used a plastic cup in the middle tohold the chalks and put a cloth to wipe it clean in the other gap on top. 

C absolutely loves it as do J and I. It’s somewhere she can be creative outside and I love the no mess factor. And when it’s starting to look a bit worn out I can just add another coat of paint. We haven’t found a permanent place for it outside yet but I’m thinking somewhere near the craft cabin so we can be creative together. 

9 thoughts on “Chalk table how to guide

  1. Aw, this is awesome! I love it. I have done a few DIY chalkboard projects of my own in the past, but this is not one I’ve thought of before. Thank you for sharing!


  2. We went to a restaurant a few weeks ago that had a chalk board table and it kept the kids occupied for ages. This is such a great idea


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