Raised beds

Pumpkin invasion

So I planted one pumpkin seed really for the novelty factor and have been excited to watch it develop. The idea was that it could share a bed with the cauliflowers and by the time they came out it would be perfect timing to give it the extra space it needed. However, our cauliflowers have plenty of leaves but no sign of any actual heads of cauliflower yet. And the pumpkin has shoots going off as far as the end of the raised bed.

It has a few buds that have started to open up into beautiful flowers which will eventually form the pumpkins themselves. Although I do think I remember reading about male and female flowers in pumpkins so maybe I need to remove some? And as the leaves as somewhat overshadowing the bed and the flowers I’m not sure whether to cut some back? 

Also what on earth are those stringy bits? (For anyone not familiar with pumpkin growing they are the things which form the carriage wheels on Disney’s Cinderella but what other purpose they have I don’t know!) 

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