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The cabin

So, I enjoy crafting. I have a sewing machine and am a fairly competent seamstress. I also knit and crochet. I would like (or rather need) to have somewhere to keep my machine set up and to store my many materials and tools. Whilst it would be lovely to build an extra spare bedroom for this, it would cost an absolute fortune to extend upstairs in our house and would be quite awkward to do. So the idea behind having a craft cabin was born. 

One of the jobs of our builder the past few weeks has been to prepare an area for the cabin ready for a concrete slab for the base, the base was poured early this week and on Thursday the construction of the cabin began. First the outer walls are assembled along with the roof and doors and windows, then the first fix of electrics next week, before the final inner layer of walls and then the final fix of electrical sockets to the walls. At least that’s what I think is happening. If I’m honest, although the craft cabin is entirely a place for me, I have very much left the design of it to J. I put forward my demands – maximum space possible, insulated enough to be able to work in it through the winter, a pent roof (purely because I like the look), a single door and windows from waist height only rather than full length (to maximise the potential wall space for storage and a desk). So armed with this information he did lots and lots of research and looked at a couple of big name companies. There were some problems with the offerings from the big companies; firstly they didn’t seem to be that flexible in what they offered, and secondly they were ludicrously expensive without a decent enough guarantee of being long lasting. Let me be clear they did say it would last 10-20 years depending on the company, but when questioned by J about a guarantee they seemed to be only for 2 years and said that over the lifetime of the building you would have to replace boards etc. For the prices they were trying to charge that wasn’t good enough for us. 

In the end a friend recommended a solution for us in the form of a local company who would custom build to our specifications for a fraction of the cost of the big companies. They were so much more flexible and offered as quick a turn around from ordering to delivery as the big names despite being custom designed and built. I’ll go into more details of the design once it has all been constructed but for now here are a couple of sneaky preview pictures.

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