Life in the Countryside


So yesterday evening I was going about my usual evening chores, topping up food and water for the chickens and sheep and then watering the lazy beds and raised beds when I stopped to do an assessment of what seedlings had sprouted so far (no sign of anything from the cauliflower and pumpkin bed). I heard a noise that was kind of like a crack, my first thought was that one of the chickens had encountered the electric fence. I started walking towards their fence when what should I encounter but two deer just behind the recreation area. It was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen. They quickly startled and ran in opposite directions, one through the hedge and across the road and the other back towards the chickens. This was the one I followed. She went through the hedge at the back of the orchard and into the field and was then trapped in the fenced off area where the lazy beds are. Then she leapt over the fence and into the main bit of the field, she ran around the edge of the field and finally after much deliberation leapt over the fence at the back and went through into the farmers field behind. So it seems the fences may be sheep proof but not deer proof. I only managed to get a couple of pictures when she was quite far away which J is going to try and blow up for me as obviously I wasn’t expecting to be taking photos at that point. It’s moments like this that I love living in the countryside, nothing makes you feel more alive than seeing the glory of nature up close.


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